VIRTUAL REALITY HAS REAL-WORLD BRAND POTENTIALVirtual reality, or VR, is on the way.  And, it’s another gamechanger for brands. It’s the technological gift that consumer businesses have been waiting for.  For years, marketeers have been seeking ways to immerse potential audiences in their brand and values – and here it is.





It comes as no surprise that people today spend most of their time sitting in front of computers… And tablets… And mobile phones.


Our point? There are a whole lot of people out there who are no longer standing and looking at the world around them. Instead, they’re standing and looking at their screens. If marketers want to engage with them, we’ll have to meet them on their own turf.


With social media networks constantly evolving the way they showcase content, businesses need to be savvy in their approach. Take Facebook, for example. With its newsfeed algorithm in place, it’s very difficult for followers to actually see a business’s organic content.


So, how can you reach your followers on their own turf? Read on for our top three tips for Facebook advertising success!


(Creativity is key. Create something you’d want to watch yourself)



Speaking from a communications perspective, creativity will always be our top priority in making ads stand out amongst the competition and cut through the noise. With the cesspool of click-bait videos posted on social media daily, audiences are becoming more and more selective with what they choose to view.


Think about your approach – are you encouraging people to engage with your ad by using interesting imagery, informative copy, and worthwhile links? Or are you simply forcing your statement on them? Encouraging two-way communication between your business and audience will help with traction and encourage them to click through to learn more.


(You’re not burning your money if the return is greater than the investment)


Advertising Spend

If you’re not willing to use a portion of your advertising budget to support your creative content online, you can’t really complain if your impressions are low. Around only 2% of a business’s Facebook followers are reached with organic content, thanks to the social giant’s encouraging companies to spend a little to gain, well, quite a lot.


Not only will your content reach a wider audience, but it will also reach a targeted one, making your ads much more effective.


(Test, test and test again!)


Analyse & Test

Leave your assumptions at the door. It’s time to test.


If you’re putting money behind a social ad, it seems silly not to check out whether it has achieved the results you want using the insights provided by social platforms. After all, this information is at your fingertips.


You may have a perfectly polished piece of content, targeted at who think your primary audience is – but what if this isn’t the right audience for a particular ad? Let Facebook Insights guide you on who has previously engaged with your content, as those types of users will be more likely to engage with your ads next time.


You might also want to test out two ads simultaneously, designed to look exactly the same, but with one minor change in each. For example, this could be a tweaked call-to-action button. In a recent A/B testing campaign we trialled for a food-and-drink client, we found that the ‘learn more’ button was more effective than the ‘shop now’ button in gaining click-throughs to their website.


Why? A very low percentage of people will buy a product upon seeing an ad only once on Facebook. Most users need to see or be made aware of the product several times before a purchase is made. Therefore, the ‘learn more’ button was a softer approach used to increase the users’ knowledge of that product.




Experimenting with Facebook Ads

No matter how good (or not) you are at social advertising, a lot of trial and error is required for testing what does and doesn’t work for a particular business. For those willing to experiment with their digital advertising, however, the returns can be enormous . . . something that is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve with a bus stop billboard alone!


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Dannielle McAllister

29th November 2017